Regulatory Agencies: Australia/New Zealand

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Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration
TGA, PO Box 100, Woden ACT 2606, Australia
Phone 1 800 020 653
Outside Australia:  02 6232 8605
Fax:  02 6232 8605

Australian GMP Resources

New Zealand

New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority
P O Box 5013, Wellington
Level 6, Deloitte House, 10 Brandon Street, Wellington
Telephone:  04 496 2000
Fax:  04 819 6806


Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Authority
On 16 July 2007, the New Zealand State Services Minister Annette King announced that "The Government is not proceeding at this stage with legislation that would have enabled the establishment of a joint agency with Australia to regulate therapeutic products." She further advised that "The [New Zealand] Government does not have the numbers in Parliament to put in place a sensible, acceptable compromise that would satisfy all parties at this time. The Australian Government has been informed of the situation and agrees that suspending negotiations on the joint authority is a sensible course of action."


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