Article of the Year Award

Article of the Year

About the Roger F. Sherwood Article of the Year Award

ISPE’s Roger F. Sherwood Article of the Year award was established in 1993 to increase article submissions and improve the quality of those received. In the early years, judges rated each issue's technical articles against a set of six criteria, then selected an annual winner.

Two decades later, while recognizing the merit of the original intent, the award has been refreshed to showcase the best content in Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine, increase industry recognition, highlight ISPE’s reputation as a global knowledge leader, and bolster magazine content quality.

For 2016, a panel of judges was assembled, comprising two Board members, the Knowledge Network Council Chair, Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee Chair, Guidance Documents Committee Chair, one PEC member, two Young Professionals, and two senior ISPE staff members.

To be considered, each article was required to meet the following criteria:

  • Be cited in other articles or presentations at ISPE (and other) forums
  • Describe or provides industry-leading concept/position/development
  • Be well written and referenced
  • Demonstrate a progressive and productive approach for the industry

After reviewing all articles published in 2016, the judges chose a list of five finalists. Readers voted to determine the overall winner.

2016 Article of the Year Award Winner

September-October 2016

Quote from the Award Authors

Balancing Pre- and Post-Market Control of Health Supplements
By: Chan Lai Wah, Benjamin Tan Zhi Yang, Vimal Sachdeva, and Sia Chong Hock

Regulatory authorities (RAs) worldwide employ different terminologies to describe various medicinal and health products. According to the definition by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Health supplements (HS) are products used to supplement a diet as well as to maintain and improve the healthy function of human body.

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2016 Article of the Year Award Finalists

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